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Water Filtration Systems Hawke’s Bay

We supply, install and maintain water filtration systems that deliver real results.

Enjoy the taste of clean, pure, drinking water from the moment we install your water filtration system. Optional service extras include filter changes and regular maintenance: helping you to enjoy the value of your system for years after installation.

Whether you’re installing a single tap in your kitchen; a whole home water filtration system; or water filtration for rainwater tanks, bore holes or rural supplies. Water Filtration Hawke’s Bay has got the clean water solution you need.

Based in Havelock North and servicing all of Hawke’s Bay.

Some Of Our Products

Whole House Water Filter System

Triple stage water filtration system for maximum filtration at the point of entry into the home. The system is designed to provide clean, pure, chemical-free, water to every tap in your home

Under Bench Inline Filter System

This system is easily installed inline to an existing kitchen mixer tap. It filters and delivers clean, pure, great tasting water.

Whole House UV System

A safe and highly effective method of water filtration that does not change the taste or colour of the water.

Steaming Hot/Cool Water Filter System

Steaming Hot & Cold System with Schwan Tap (SHC-S) incl. Everpure Commercial Grade 0.5 Micron Filter

With convenience at your fingertips, the Schwan SC60 offers a stylish tap paired with the Everpure OCS commercial grade filter system

Under Bench Water Filter System

This system is easily installed under bench and comes with a stylish tap to complement your kitchen.

“Sprite” Shower Filter

Removes 99% of chlorine from your shower water. Chlorine is converted into a harmless salt that is found frequently in beauty products.

Reverse Osmosis System

This four-stage PENTAIR WATER® RO system is one of the most efficient methods of water purification available, conveniently installed under bench.

Automatic Water Softeners

Reduction of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metals from hard water.


“Thank you for your prompt attention to the installation of the under sink water filtration. Appreciate”


“Thank you very much for your brilliant prompt service and communication. 10/10. The difference in the water is incredible. One very happy customer. Thank you again.”

Michael Rittson-Thomas

“Hi Elton, You fitted a new filter on our water system out at Waimarama. I am pleased to report the water quality is great. Thanks “

Erin Lambert

“Hi Elton, Thanks so much for changing those filters for us last night, what a difference! The water is really nice now.”

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