Complete Water Filtration Solutions

From finding the right system through to installation and servicing, we’re with you every step of the way. Water Filtration Systems Hawke’s Bay can deliver clean, pure, great tasting water to your home or business every day.

If you need your filter serviced, get in touch with Elton today.

✓ Choosing and installing your water filtration system

A great water filtration result begins with choosing the right water filtration system. When you contact our team we’ll start by finding out what you need to achieve and what kind of budget you hope to spend. Once we understand what result you’re looking for, we’ll put together the best system for your home or business. Our aim is to provide you with access to our expertise. You don’t need to learn everything there is to know about water filtration: you can rely on us to be your experts.

Our quotation process is obligation free because when you talk to us you’re working with experts. We specialise in water filtration so we spend time making sure we know the best systems available on the market and we understand the cost of installation and maintenance.

We don’t just install the same system in every home – we take time to understand what’s important to you and what problem you’re trying to solve. Whether you’re cleaning water from a rainwater tank or bore, removing chemicals, or simply looking for softer water: we’ll consider all the details before recommending a solution.

The water filtration system we recommend for your home will take into consideration your water needs today and tomorrow. Our aim is that your investment is effective in the long term: delivering real value to you as a home or business owner. We want you to enjoy high quality filtered water for years to come. That’s why we also offer a service and maintenance service so your water filtration system is always in optimum working order.

✓ Servicing and maintaining your water filtration system

You want the best from your water filtration system every day, so we’re here to support you once your water filtration system is installed and running. Whether your water filtration system has been installed by us or another provider, we can help you keep your water clean and flowing.

Water filtration systems need regular filter changes to make sure they are performing effectively. Clean filters mean pure, clean water and help your water filtration system to operate effectively.

Our automated system makes it easy to keep up to date with your filter changes. Once you’re in our system you can relax and forget about it. We’ll be in touch when your filter is due to be changed and we can either deliver your filter so you can install your new filter yourself or we can do it for you.

A free maintenance check is included with every filter change managed by our team. Your water filtration system usually sits near the outside of your house so it’s useful to make sure it’s clear of debris and that rodents or insects haven’t decided to make it into a home. We also take the opportunity to grease any parts in need of lubrication and check that it’s functioning properly.

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